Watch: Tigers’ Tyler Alexander ties AL record with nine consecutive strikeouts

Aug. 2 (UPI) — Detroit Tigers reliever Tyler Alexander tied the American League record for consecutive strikeouts after mowing down the first nine Cincinnati Reds batters he faced.

In the Tigers’ 4-3 home loss to the Reds in the opener of a doubleheader Sunday at Comerica Park, Alexander entered the game in the third inning and proceeded to strike out nine Reds hitters in a row, setting a MLB record for a reliever and tying starter Doug Fister’s AL mark.


His streak came to an end in the top of the sixth — one short of equaling Tom Seaver’s overall record of 10 — when he hit Mike Moustakas with a 1-2 pitch.

Alexander finished with 10 strikeouts and one walk in 3 2/3 innings. According to ESPN Stats & Information, his 10 punchouts were the most in a game by a relief pitcher since Baseball Hall of Famer Randy Johnson struck out 16 on July 18, 2001.

“I normally don’t try to strike people out,” Alexander told reporters, “but I would say after the fifth strikeout I was trying to strike people out.”

Following the game, the Tigers announced that the hat Alexander wore during the matchup is headed to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y.

The Reds held a 2-0 lead over the Tigers in the top of the seventh in the second game of the doubleheader Sunday night.

Lessons from Portland: Do crackdowns work?

SALT LAKE CITY — Earlier this month in Portland, Oregon, Christopher J. David joined in local protests. David, a veteran of the United States Navy, took issue with videos he’d seen of federal agents’ use of force against demonstrators. He stood before federal agents asking them questions; they responded by battering his leg with a baton and spraying pepper spray in his face.

The incident helped fuel criticism of the role and behavior of federal agents — including officers from the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Marshals Service — deployed to that city. Reports surfaced of agents pulling protesters into unmarked vans and firing rubber bullets at protesters’ heads. Many observers likened them to an army occupying enemy territory.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump announced that he would remove Department of Homeland Security forces from the city, where they had been stationed for weeks in an effort to protect federal buildings from protesters.

The decision came after state and local officials claimed the agents produced much of the violence they purportedly aimed to quell. “These federal officers have acted as an occupying force, refused accountability, and brought violence and strife to our community,” Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has said. Mayors of 14 other U.S. cities signed a letter saying, “These are tactics we expect from an authoritarian regime — not our democracy.”

This summer, spurred on by the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police and other instances of violence against people of color, protesters across the country have taken to the streets to oppose police brutality and systemic racism. The majority of demonstrations have been peaceful; some have involved the destruction of governmental buildings and businesses and clashes with police officers.

Recent instances, most notably in Portland, have found law enforcement officers using increased force — appearing in riot gear, deploying less-lethal munitions and tear gas, and physically rushing crowds. The behavior has provoked heated debate.

Sidestepping moral questions about the ethics of protest, the virtue of the cause, and whether the government should be shutting it down: Does cracking down even work?

“One way to deter protest is to punish, harshly, anybody who’s in the streets,” said David Meyer, a professor of sociology at the University of California Irvine and author of “The Politics of Protest: Social Movements in America.” “But it’s much harder to police in a democracy than it is in an authoritarian state.”

The protest environment

Soon after this summer’s protests started, viral videos showed people — many of them disavowed by protest organizers — breaking into stores and setting fires. Trump decried what he described as a pattern of left-wing violence and escalation. “We have antifa, we have anarchists, we have terrorists, we have looters,” he said in early June. “We have a lot of bad people in those groups.”

But as the Guardian reported recently, “leftwing attacks have left far fewer people dead than violence by rightwing extremists, new research indicates, and antifa activists have not been linked to a single murder in decades.”

Still, growing friction between protesters, counter-protesters and other citizens has sparked a number of violent or at least dangerous incidents, most commonly in the form of drivers plowing their cars through crowds of demonstrators. In a few cases — including one in June in Provo and another last weekend in Aurora, Colorado — certain protesters have allegedly responded with gunfire.

The scope of this summer’s protests makes some degree of confrontation inevitable, Meyer said. “You’re showing up at a street in Brooklyn at a particular time, where you may not know a lot of the people and you may not have worked with them before,” Meyer said. “It’s hard to believe that the overwhelming majority of them are not committed at some level to avoiding violence, but one person in every 250 might throw a rock.”

Adriane D. Lentz-Smith, a professor of history at Duke University who teaches courses on the civil rights movement and Black lives, drew a distinction between destruction of property and bodily harm. “We need to be clear about the difference between hurting another human being and damaging property,” she said, noting that the damage done to federal buildings and police bureaus during recent protests pales in comparison to that done to Black communities throughout history.

Adding to the complexity of the situation is the presence of outside agitators, whose goals often conflict with those of the movement. “There are elements for whom chaos is the desired outcome,” Lentz-Smith said. “A lot of those guys are super fringe white supremacists who want to see a clash because they think that will work in their favor.”

Policing in such an environment — when police brutality itself is the target of the uprising, when so many people of such distinct perspectives have taken to the streets — presents challenges. Questioned by the House Judiciary Committee about the federal presence in Portland, Attorney General William Barr said, “The problem when these things sometimes occur is, it’s hard to separate people.”

But, Meyer said, these challenges call for the often difficult work of identifying and arresting individuals, not adopting a posture of physical confrontation with protests as a whole. “Being out in the street when somebody else is doing something destructive is not illegal,” he said. “It’s wrong to assume that once somebody does that, then police can do whatever they want.”

Community anger at an ‘authoritarian response’

Earlier this month, Ted Wheeler, the mayor of Portland, stood with a group of protestors as they were tear-gassed by federal agents. “I can tell you with 100% honesty I saw nothing that provoked this response,” Wheeler said. “This is flat-out urban warfare.”

Wheeler’s comments added to a sentiment expressed about city police and federal agents alike over the course of the summer. The police response to protests has, in the eyes of many participants and observers, become the latest example of a broken law enforcement apparatus, one geared toward military-style conflict instead of community safety. One recent video shows officers, on cue, riding bicycles into a group of non-advancing demonstrators, throwing and pushing them to the ground.

Analysts have speculated about the political purposes of sending federal agents into Portland. The USA Today’s editorial board accused Trump of using agents as “stage props for his ‘law and order’ campaign” ahead of November’s election.

Even if that’s not the case, as Trump insists, the federal government’s activities in Portland have met resistance from surprising corners.

The Wall of Moms and Wall of Vets in Portland — groups that have called upon their social capital to attempt to protect protestors from violence — arose, Lentz-Smith said, largely out of an anger toward how protests are being policed. “You don’t even have to agree with the (protest’s) initial goals, the arguments made by the people who started the protest, to be horrified by the authoritarian response,” she said.

Some of this summer’s protests have seen less confrontational responses from law enforcement officials. In early June, police officers kneeled alongside protestors — a gesture considered insincere by many activists, but one that was nevertheless peaceful. Where shows of force tend toward escalation, Meyer said, engagement can bring about a safer environment. “There are certainly police who are engaging with the cause,” Meyer said. Even setting aside the ethical component, “it’s a better social control strategy.”

Ultimately, Meyer said, the best way to deal with protest is to convince protesters that their voices are heard in institutional venues, that they need not demonstrate on the streets. In the meantime, demonstrations will continue. And while he sympathized with the demands of the profession, he noted the absolute importance of restraint. “I have no doubt that somebody at each of these demonstrations is screaming obscenities at the police,” he said. “And it’s your job, if you’re a police officer, to just take it.”

Follow John Lewis: Don’t Let Trump Provoke Violence

John Lewis, the Georgia Congressman who led the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and was one of the “Big Six” civil rights leaders who organized the 1963 March on Washington, is being remembered as one of our greatest American heroes, in large part because he was willing to risk his life in non-violent protests against white supremacy.

Lewis was arrested over 40 times in non-violent sit-ins, Freedom Rides, and protests. On March 7, 1965, his skull was fractured, and he was almost murdered, by an Alabama state trooper when he led 600 peaceful civil rights protestors on a march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama to demand voting rights.

Lewis and the other nonviolent protestors were brutally attacked by mounted police armed with clubs, whips, and rubber tubing wrapped in barbed wire as they peacefully tried to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma.

The violent images of this horrendous, unprovoked police brutality against peaceful protestors were broadcast on the national network news that night to over 60 million viewers, and outraged much of the nation. The images, when broadcast worldwide, also publicly shamed the United States on the world stage.

Lewis and the other protestors would have been within their moral rights to have returned the next day armed with rocks, bricks, Molotov cocktails, and even firearms to protect themselves from such police brutality. But whether or not one is a pacifist, to have responded to force with force would have been political disaster for the civil rights movement.

Instead, Rev. Martin Luther King returned to Selma two weeks later to complete the march for voting rights that Lewis had started. On March 25, King led 25,000 nonviolent protestors the steps of the State Capitol in Montgomery, where he delivered his now-famous How Long, Not Long speech:

Once more, the method of nonviolent resistance was unsheathed from its scabbard, and once again an entire community was mobilized to confront the adversary. And again the brutality of a dying order shrieks across the land. Yet, Selma, Alabama, became a shining moment in the conscience of man. If the worst in American life lurked in its dark street, the best of American instincts arose passionately from across the nation.

These images, too, were seen across the country and around the world. Today, the brave sacrifice of Lewis and his fellow nonviolent protestors is largely credited for the passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, This landmark legislation, which prohibits racial discrimination in voting, is the cornerstone of defending the right to vote guaranteed by the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution, but has been eroded in recent years by the conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Today, Donald Trump has opened a full frontal attack on voting rights, threatening to delay or even suspend elections. In a transparent attempt to scare suburban whites into reelecting him, Trump is doing everything in his power to provoke antiracist protestors in Portland and other cities to forsake nonviolent protest and engage in violent resistance to the heavily armed federal officers in full camouflage uniforms he has ordered into American cities.

Let’s be clear: Camouflage uniforms are designed to provide disguise in jungle warfare, not to intimidate protestors on the streets of American cities. But that’s exactly what Trump is using them for. Sending in unidentified, camouflage-wearing federal agents to seize peaceful protestors off the streets is straight out of the playbook of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who sent “little green men”—unidentified Russian troops—to invade the Ukraine in 2014.

Sending Federal troops into American streets is Kabuki theater—reality television—by Trump. He wants to create TV images that appear to reflect urban carnage. TV footage of protestors attacking camouflage-wearing police and federal officers with Molotov cocktails, rocks, and bricks is exactly what Trump wants. (It wouldn’t even surprise me if Trump has undercover agents provoking protestors to use violence.)

If we want to win, we can’t let Trump provoke us into violence. We must honor John Lewis, and his hard-won victories for civil rights, by following his example of nonviolent resistance. 

One can have academic arguments about whether violence is ever acceptable to fight injustice. I would personally argue that at least in the cases of the American Revolution, The Civil War, and World War II, violence was necessary. Others may differ.

But right now, violent protests would be the gift to Trump that he’s begging for. Don’t give it to him.

The street violence of the late 1960s was used by Republican operatives to pave the way for Richard Nixon’s election as president in 1968. The implementation of the “Southern Strategy” of stoking irrational fears of Black people among poor and working-class whites to cement them to the Republican Party led right up to Trump’s 2016 victory, and is still with us today.

The 1967 riots in major cities like Newark, Detroit, and Milwaukee, the 1968 assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy, and the police riots at the 1968 Democratic Convention all contributed to Richard Nixon’s narrow victory. Nixon’s victory consolidated power in a white supremacist oligarchy for the next half century.

Trump is on the ropes. Don’t give him the gift of violent confrontations that he’s so blatantly and transparently trying to provoke to rescue his campaign.

Honor John Lewis. Meet police brutality with nonviolent resistance.

St. Louis Cardinals expecting more positive coronavirus tests

Aug. 2 (UPI) — As MLB teams continue to deal with the coronavirus, the St. Louis Cardinals are preparing for their latest round of COVID-19 testing to reveal more positive results.

League sources told ESPN, MLB Media and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the Cardinals’ test results from Saturday and Sunday morning are expected to come back with multiple positives.


Sunday’s testing is being fast-tracked, according to ESPN. The Cardinals released a statement Sunday saying they don’t anticipate any updates until Monday.

“The team is still awaiting additional results from recent COVID-19 testing, and based on the timing of those test results, we do not anticipate having any updates until tomorrow,” the Cardinals said. “The team will remain in Milwaukee tonight as planned.”

On Saturday, Cardinals President John Mozeliak said the team had one player and three staff members test positive, while four more members of the club had inconclusive results. The inconclusive results came from one player and three staffers.

Due to the positive tests and pending results, the Cardinals have been isolated from each other since arriving in Milwaukee for a three-game weekend series that was supposed to start Friday. The Cardinals’ three games against the Brewers were postponed.

The Cardinals’ upcoming four-game series against the Detroit Tigers was scheduled to be a home-and-home. Instead, the Cardinals announced they will play all four matchups in Detroit, with a doubleheader set for Wednesday.

St. Louis’ extra off day Monday will allow the team to conduct more testing to help reduce the spread of the virus. The Cardinals’ series against the Tigers is set to begin Tuesday night.

1 dead, West Jordan officer injured in exchange of gunfire

WEST JORDAN — A person was shot and killed and a West Jordan police officer was injured Sunday after police tried to pull over a stolen pickup truck.

About 8 p.m., West Jordan police were dispatched after a driver reported they were following a truck believed to be stolen recently from a relative, West Jordan Police Sgt. J.C. Holt said.

Two officers found the Chevy truck at 2160 W. 7680 South. When the truck was pulled over, its multiple occupants “did not want to get out,” Holt said.

When one of the occupants eventually did get out, the sergeant said gunfire was exchanged between the officers and someone inside the truck.

Holt did not know who fired shots first, nor how many were fired.

One of the occupants was killed. Holt did not know the person’s gender, age or whether they had a gun.

One of the officers was hit by a bullet in his upper shoulder just above where his ballistic vest reaches, Holt said. The bullet lodged into his shoulder, but the injury did not appear to be life-threatening, Holt said. He was receiving treatment at a hospital late Sunday night.

“We’re grateful that he’s going to be OK,” Holt said, describing the shooting as “a very scary situation” for the officers and neighbors involved.

Police later confirmed the truck had been stolen.

Holt said multiple people who had been in the truck were taken into custody Sunday night.

Investigators were also getting witness accounts from neighbors.

The officer-involved critical incident protocol has been activated, and an outside agency will investigate the shooting.

President Chaos

“Is Donald Trump deliberately and consciously allowing Covid-19 to return in force? Could this be part of a deranged strategy to sow so much chaos in the country that he will then be able to make a case that elections can’t be held, or that if they are, they’re illegitimate? Could he have in his warped and sick mind a plan for what can only be called a coup? Is there any possibility that he could succeed?”

This is how I began one of my columns five weeks ago, as the pandemic curve was accelerating upwards and Mafioso Don was acting as if it was no big deal.

That’s still essentially the case. Since that column he has:

  • demanded that all schools plan to reopen everywhere in the country, no matter what the reality of the pandemic in their locality;
  • escalated his rhetoric and his actions against the Black Lives Matter movement, and anyone to the left of Mitch McConnell, branding them all tools of leftist “terrorists” and “communists” and sending federal troops to Portland and, soon, a number of other cities to posture as a “law and order” President (what “law, and what “order?”);
  • moved to disrupt the operations of the US Postal Service so as to slow the mails and undercut confidence in it;
  • and, most recently, openly saying the election date needs to be changed and attacking the idea of voting by mail, going so far as to say yesterday in reference to that:  “And they say the ‘projected winner’ or the ‘winner of the election’—I don’t want to see that take place in a week after November 3rd or a month or, frankly, with litigation and everything else that can happen, years. Years. Or you never even know who won the election.”

President Chaos, that’s what this low-life has become. And he has three more months to keep at it.

Actually, he has five and a half months to keep at it because, if he loses on November 3, he’ll still be in the White House until January 20.

Why is Trump doing all of this?

One reason is clear: it’s because he is a pathologically, desperately sick man. His rantings if not yet his actions are like the rantings of Hitler as his world began to fall apart as the Allies won victory after victory in World War II.

Perhaps he’s doing this because he thinks that this will motivate his hard-core base of racist and gun-loving right-wingers to go all out for him. He likely has no specific plan for what he wants them to do, but he’ll certainly appreciate and support whatever they decide to do. Remember Charlottesville!

But there may be an actual, thought-out method to his madness. In his twisted mind he may have realized that, with the pandemic and the economic crisis and the broad support for anti-racism, his chances of winning are very low, so he’s angling for another kind of victory. He wants to get an agreement from Biden and other powers that be in the Democratic Party that if he leaves office willingly on January 20, and doesn’t try to do other destructive things between November 3 and January 20, the Democrats will promise that they will let him off the hook legally, not support any number of likely indictments against him or his family members.

This makes some sense.

So should progressives support such a deal? Absolutely not. And we must be prepared to back up our rejection of this literal “deal with the devil” by planning a “Millions-Person-Mobilization” on January 20th, and possibly massive street actions right after November 3, to put both Trump and the Democrats on notice.

But first things first. First there must be a massive repudiation of Trump and his Republican accomplices on November 3. President Chaos and his enablers must go.

Justin Thomas returns to world No. 1 with win at WGC-FedEx St. Jude Invitational

Aug. 2 (UPI) — Justin Thomas overcame a four-shot deficit to claim his third victory of the season, shooting a 5-under 65 Sunday to win the WGC-FedEx St. Jude Invitational at TPC Southwind in Memphis, Tenn.

Thomas had six birdies and one bogey in the final round to beat Brooks Koepka, Phil Mickelson, Daniel Berger and Tom Lewis by three strokes. The win equaled the largest final-round comeback of Thomas’ career and moved him back to No. 1 in the world, a ranking he held for four weeks in 2018.


“It was a hard-fought day, but it meant a lot [because of] how we did it, being four behind to start the day,” Thomas said. “I haven’t exactly played well coming from behind in the past and I feel like I learned a lot from that.

“Especially at Colonial, I just didn’t handle it well and I pressed way too hard and I definitely learned a lot from Workday and Columbus, [Ohio], just how I handled that lead and that situation the last couple holes. I did obviously a very poor job, but because of that I felt a lot more calm and stayed more in the moment today.”

Koepka, Mickelson, Berger and Lewis tied for second at 10-under 270. Xander Schauffele, Jason Day and Chez Reavie were among those in a six-way tie for sixth at 9-under par.

Dustin Johnson, Webb Simpson and Byeong-Hun An shared 12th at 8-under 272. Rickie Fowler and Brendon Todd, who entered the weekend in the lead, each carded a 7-under 273.

Bryson DeChambeau closed with a 67 and tied for 30th at 4-under. Jordan Spieth also finished at 4-under after finishing with a 71 in the final round, his highest of the tournament.

Rory McIlroy ended at 1-under 279. Jon Rahm, playing in his first event since becoming the top-ranked golfer in the world, was 1-over par.

The PGA Tour’s next event is the PGA Championship, which begins Thursday at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco, Calif.

مایکروسافت تایید مذاکرات به دنبال خرید ما بازوی Infinite

نیویورک — مایکروسافت تایید جمعه این است که در مذاکرات با شرکت چینی ByteDance برای به دست آوردن ایالات متحده بازوی خود را محبوب تصویری برنامه Infinite و بحث با رئیس جمهور دونالد مغلوب ساختن پیشی جستن خود را نگرانی در مورد امنیت و سانسور اطراف چنین خرید.

در بیانیه مایکروسافت گفت: مایکروسافت و ByteDance ارائه کرده اند اطلاع از قصد خود را برای کشف یک معامله و در نتیجه مایکروسافت داشتن و عامل Infinite خدمات در ایالات متحده و کانادا و استرالیا و نیوزیلند. این شرکت گفت که انتظار دارد این مذاکرات به نتیجه گیری توسط Sept. 15.

مغلوب ساختن پیشی جستن روز جمعه گفت که او به زودی ممنوعیت Infinite در ایالات متحده است. مغلوب ساختن پیشی جستن و مدیر عامل شرکت ساتیا نادلا گفته شده این شرکت گفت و مایکروسافت آماده شد برای ادامه کاوش خرید Infinite ایالات متحده عملیات پس از مکالمه خود را.

“مایکروسافت به طور کامل قدردانی اهمیت پرداختن به رئیس جمهور و نگرانی است. آن است که متعهد به دستیابی به Infinite موضوع به یک امنیت کامل بررسی و ارائه مناسب منافع اقتصادی به ایالات متحده آمریکا از جمله ایالات متحده خزانه” مایکروسافت در بیانیه ای گفت:.

کاخ سفید بلافاصله اظهار نظر در مورد مایکروسافت در بیانیه ای.

قبلا وجود دارد گزارش می دهد که مایکروسافت در پیشرفته مذاکرات برای خرید در ایالات متحده عملیات Infinite است که یک منبع امنیت ملی و سانسور نگرانی برای مغلوب ساختن پیشی جستن دولت. در اوایل روز شنبه وزیر خارجه مایک Pompeo دوباره مطرح شده به دولت هشدار در مورد پلت فرم رسانه های اجتماعی.

“این نرم افزار شرکت انجام کسب و کار در ایالات متحده آن است که آیا Infinite یا WeChat — بی شماری وجود دارد بیشتر … تغذیه می باشد که داده ها به طور مستقیم به حزب کمونیست چین ملی خود دستگاه امنیتی” Pompeo گفت: در فاکس نیوز کانال “صبح روز یکشنبه آتی.”

“می تواند صورت خود را به رسمیت شناختن الگوهای. آن را می تواند اطلاعات خود را در مورد اقامت خود را به شماره تلفن دوستان خود را که آنها به هم وصل کنید. آنان کسانی هستند که مسائل است که رئیس جمهور تهمت روشن ساخته است که ما در حال رفتن به مراقبت از” Pompeo گفت.

در بیانیه خود مایکروسافت گفت: این دعوت ممکن است دیگر سرمایه گذاران آمریکایی برای شرکت در یک اقلیت اساس در خرید Infinite. شرایط مالی بودند نامعلومی.

Infinite ایالات متحده کاربر داده های ذخیره شده در ایالات متحده با کنترل دقیق بر روی دسترسی کارکنان و بزرگترین سرمایه گذاران از آمریکا این شرکت گفت: در اوایل یکشنبه. “ما متعهد به حفاظت از حریم خصوصی کاربران و ایمنی به عنوان ما در ادامه کار به شادی را به خانواده ها و معنی دار مشاغل به کسانی که در ایجاد پلت فرم ما” یک Infinite سخنگوی گفت.

فدرال کمیته بررسی شده است که آیا تهمت می تواند ممنوعیت Infinite در آمریکا اعضای آن معتقدند که Infinite نمیتواند در ایالات متحده آمریکا در شکل کنونی آن به دلیل آن را “خطرات ارسال اطلاعات بر 100 میلیون آمریکایی” وزیر خزانه داری استیون Mnuchin گفت.

“همه ما توافق وجود دارد به یک تغییر … همه موافق آن نمی تواند وجود داشته باشد آن را به عنوان می کند” Mnuchin گفت: در ABC “این هفته است.”

به عنوان حدس و گمان رشد بیش از ممنوعیت و یا فروش پلت فرم رسانه های اجتماعی را در ایالات متحده کسب و کار, Infinite ارسال شده یک ویدیو را در روز شنبه گفت: “ما در حال برنامه ریزی در رفتن در هر نقطه.”

Infinite را جاذب ویدئوها و سهولت استفاده ساخته شده است آن را بسیار محبوب است و آن را می گوید آن ده ها میلیون نفر از کاربران در آمریکا و صدها میلیون نفر در سطح جهان است. شرکت مادر آن Bytedance Ltd. راه اندازی Infinite در سال 2017. آن را خریداری و موسیقی.ly یک سرویس محبوب در ایالات متحده و اروپا و ترکیب این دو. آن را مشابه سرویس Douyin برای کاربران در چین است.

اما Infinite چینی مالکیت نگرانی در مورد پتانسیل برای به اشتراک گذاری داده های کاربر با مقامات چینی و همچنین سانسور فیلم انتقادی از دولت چین. Infinite می گوید آن را نمی سانسور ویدئوها و آن را نمی خواهد به دولت چین دسترسی به آمریکا داده های کاربر.

“رئیس جمهور هنگامی که او باعث می شود تصمیم خود را به مطمئن شوید که همه چیز را ما انجام داده اند و همواره ما را به عنوان نزدیک به صفر خطر برای مردم آمریکا” Pompeo گفت. “این ماموریت که او گذاشته برای همه ما هنگامی که ما — ما شروع به ارزیابی این شرکت چند ماه برگشت. ما در حال بسته شدن در یک راه حل. و من فکر می کنم شما ببینید رئیس جمهور اعلام زودی.”

بحث بر Infinite تشابه گسترده تر ایالات متحده امنیتی سرکوب شرکت های چینی از جمله ارائه دهندگان مخابراتی Huawei و ZTE. مغلوب ساختن پیشی جستن دولت دستور داده است که ایالات متحده در جلوگیری از خرید تجهیزات از کسانی که ارائه دهندگان استفاده می شود در ایالات متحده شبکه های. تهمت نیز سعی در هدایت متحدان دور از Huawei بیش از نگرانی هایی است که دولت چین دسترسی به داده های خود را که Huawei رد می کند.


AP کسب و کار نویسندگان آن د’Innocenzio و تالی Arbel کمک به این گزارش.

بیهوده Dialogue: آنچه که سقراط انجام دهید ؟

با وجود سال از دونالد مغلوب ساختن پیشی جستن سازمان ملل-ریاست جمهوری, شاید حتی رفتار مجرمانه بسیاری از, اگر نه بیشتر از هواداران خود باقی می ماند و قادر و یا تمایلی به رسمیت شناختن و او را محکوم شخصیت ناقص و بی کفایتی در حالی که همچنان به حفظ خود “توجیه خشم” در تلقی “deplorables” توسط هیلاری کلینتون ، در عین حال, اگر چه من باید اعتراف لحظات عمیق نا امیدی و سرخوردگی من متعهد به باقی مانده های خوش (حداقل تا حدودی) به دنبال بهترین در مردم و استقبال از سقراطی پایان نامه که هیچ انسان می کند اشتباه عمد بلکه به عنوان یک نتیجه از جهل و یا اطلاعات غلط.

به عنوان یک فیلسوف در سقراطی سنت و مربی من رسمیت شناختن و قبول مسئولیت من را به شرکت در بحث و گفتگو با افراد گوناگون اجتماعی و مواضع سیاسی که هدف آن نیست را به نفع خود استدلال و یا برای متقاعد کردن دیگران از نظر من بلکه از طریق دادن و گرفتن—دیالکتیک—به دنبال حقیقت است که از آن همه ما می تواند به نفع. چنین روند به موفقیت مستلزم آن است که مخاطبان باید یک ذهن باز است که آنها آزاد باشد (به عنوان مقدار به عنوان مثل انسان ممکن است) از تعصب و تعصب است که آنها مایل به گوش دادن به استفاده از و به دنبال دلیل و مهمتر از همه به هر کجا که بحث منجر می شود.

متاسفانه در بحث سیاسی با سرسخت تهمت حامیان من در اکثریت قریب به اتفاق موارد آنها را در بر داشت تمایلی و/یا ناتوان به هر دلیل از تعامل صادقانه و صمیمانه در چنین روند. زمانی که با ارائه اطلاعات اثبات دونالد مغلوب ساختن پیشی جستن را بی کفایت ننگین و نامنظم رفتار یک واکنش مشترک شده است به اخراج وقوع چنین به عنوان “خبر جعلی.” حتی هنگامی که مواجه با مغلوب ساختن پیشی جستن از کلمات خود و تصویری از اقدامات او (“گربه” بحث تحقیرآمیز معلول, جذاب, روسپی, ساخت اتهامات بی اساس علیه قربانیان خشونت پلیس و غیره.), آنها چشم پوشی از آن به طور کامل مشخص آن را به عنوان “یک نارسایی ad hominem حملات” چیزی که من شده اند شخصا متهم و/یا بهانه ای آن را با این ادعا که هیچ کس کامل نیست. مغلوب ساختن پیشی جستن خود متکبرانه افتخار خود را در مورد گرفتن svengali نفوذ بیش از, و از این رو “وفاداری” از هواداران خود را زمانی که او اشاره کرد که او می تواند شلیک کسی در وسط خیابان 5 و نه از دست دادن رای دهندگان.

این “حامیان” در حالی که ادعا می شود پرستان و خوب مسیحیان آنقدر سرسختانه متعهد به مغلوب ساختن پیشی جستن است که آنها سریع به رفتار هر دولت/نظامی رسمی و یا رهبر مذهبی حتی سابق مغلوب ساختن پیشی جستن مقامات و پاپ که احساس اخلاقی و patriotically مجبور به صحبت می کنند حقیقت به قدرت است. حتی آنچه را که به طور سنتی به عنوان مهمترین و مقدس از سازمان های دولتی از جمله اف بی آی و سازمان سیا و دیگر سازمان های اطلاعاتی در انجام کار خود شده اند بی اعتبار به عنوان عوامل دولت های درگیر در برخی از توطئه به “خلع” او را از قدرت.

من مطمئن هستم که این مشاهدات در مورد تهمت هواداران هستند که برخی از آنها من را متهم به این نتیجه تعصب سیاسی یا علمی نخبه گرایی. نه من در تلاش برای متقاعد کردن کسانی که ممکن است مختلف سیاسی/نظر اخلاقی که مال من است تنها راه درست فکر کردن. بلکه بحث من بیان من ناامیدی و ترس که در غیر این صورت به ظاهر باهوش و صادقانه افراد باید حداقل در اکثریت قریب به اتفاق موارد به دلایل من هنوز برای درک شده است به طوری که در هیپنوتیزم با تهمت و رندر ناتوان از مهم فکر است که آنها همچنان با شور و شوق حمایت از او حتی به عنوان او همچنان به علمی ادعاهای بی اساس در مورد کشنده بیماری همه گیر و یا می بالد در مورد تیراندازی به کسی در وسط خیابان پنجم.

در حالی که من نمی خواهد اجازه می دهد تا ما تفاوت و نا امیدی من به جلوه های ویژه گرافیکی را به انزجار و حتی نفرت متاسفانه من فلسفی صبر شده است تخلیه و من دیگر نمی خواهد در تعامل با اين افراد را به ادامه گفت و گو بیهوده است. به عنوان یک نتیجه از این تجربه اما من تمایل متاسفانه به سوال اعتبار سقراط شهود در مورد نوع بشر احتمالا حتی من تصمیم به اخراج کلینتون خصوصیات تهمت حامیان.

پلنگ’ گاردنر Minshew شیرها’ مت استافورد آخرین به زمین در COVID-19 لیست

Aug. 2 (UPI) — Jacksonville Jaguars کارفرمایی شروع گاردنر Minshew و Detroit Lions Pro کاسه سیگنال-caller متی استافورد در میان آخرین اضافه شده به تیم رزرو/COVID-19 لیست.

Jaguars یکشنبه اعلام کرد که Minshew — همراه با در حال اجرا پشت Ryquell آرمستد بود, تنگ پایان چارلز جونز گیرنده مایکل واکر ایمنی و اندرو Wingard — قرار داده شده در لیست. با توجه به ESPN Minshew واکر و Wingard زندگی در یک آپارتمان با هم.


جکسون فعال جونز از ذخیره/COVID-19 لیست اوایل یکشنبه قرار می گیرد اما او در آن بعد در روز.

در ضمن لیگ منابع ESPN گفت: و NFL رسانه ها در روز شنبه که شیرها را استافورد در ذخیره/COVID-19 لیست پس از نتایج برگشتم از این تیم دور سوم تست های جمعه. او هشتمین عضو از حق رای دادن قرار داده شده در لیست.

بازیکنان قرار داده شده در ذخیره/COVID-19 لیست یا در صورتی که تست مثبت برای این ویروس شده اند و یا در تماس نزدیک با کسی که دارای آن است. بازیکنان باید باقی می ماند در لیست تا زمانی که پزشکی پاک به بازگشت.

استافورد پیوست ستاره wideout کنی Golladay, تنگ به پایان می رسد T. J. Hockenson و اسحاق Nauta, cornerbacks جاستین کلمن و Amani Oruwariye, توپ زن Arryn Siposs و ایمنی Jalen الیوت در شیرها’ رزرو/COVID-19 لیست.

به عنوان بازیکن همچنان به زمین در COVID-19 لیست چند NFL ستاره ها-از جمله نیویورک جتز linebacker C. J. Mosley — در حال پیوستن به فهرست رو به رشد coronavirus مربوط به انتخاب outs.

لیگ منابع گفت: ایالات متحده آمریکا امروز و ورزشی ESPN در روز شنبه که Mosley خواهد نشستن در این فصل به دلیل نگرانی بیش از COVID-19 بیماری همه گیر. Mosley چهار time Pro کاسه و چهار بار تمام نرم افزار انتخاب بالاترین پرداخت بازیکن دفاعی در تیم است.

New England Patriots گیرنده Marqise لی همچنین تصمیم گرفتند روز شنبه, تبدیل شدن به هشتمین پرستان بازیکن به انجام این کار. دیگر هیچ تیم NFL تا به حال بیشتر بازیکنان انتخاب کردن از 2020 فصل است.

لی 28 ساله شد اولین بار پدر در اوایل سال جاری و گفت: حفاظت از خود و نوزاد دختر و خانواده منجر به این تصمیم شده است. این پرستان تایید خود را انتخاب کردن در روز یکشنبه ،

“این است که در نشستن به پایین روند من تا به حال با من و دیگر قابل آنجا که خانواده می رود” لی ESPN گفت:. “عوامل خطر که در آن ما بر این باورند که رفتن خارج وجود دارد, آن را فقط به ارزش آن در یک حس. فقط بیش از حد بسیاری از ناشناختهها.”

آهنگ پیشواز همراه اول