A brief introduction of EV Certificates and its benefits!

These days, many sites have SSL Certificates and most of them show that in the address bar as a green secure logo. It means that the website is SSL encrypted. Otherwise, the websites that want to offer a stronger form of security acquire EV certificates. Keep reading this article to find out what an EV Certificate is and its benefits.

What is an EV-SSL Certificate?

Extended Validation is the maximum level of SSL certificate. It means that using the highest international values and standards, and an inclusive process, it provides the most trustful security layer. This certificate helps you to protect users’ sensitive data on your website and prevent subversion attacks or cyber subversion.

What is the difference between EV and OV/DV certificates?

The encrypted codes of Extended Validation certificates are similar to the OV/DV certificates while the identity validation process is different. In fact, a policy identifier designates the mentioned process.  

These certificates are the same but during the request the certificate authority does additional investigation and puts additional identifiers in your certificate in case of EV certificate. In other words, it needs to be sure that the requester is indeed for the organization and not just has access to the website’s domain name.

How does your browser recognize EV Certificate?

To recognize EV certificates, you need to have access to the details of certificate. Thanks to Google, it has hidden the mentioned data in recent versions of Chrome. To get that information, you need to go through the following steps:

·        First you should click on “three dots” icon right above the Chrome page

·        Choose “more tools” option

·        Choose “developer tools” or directly press ctrl+shift+I

·        Go to the security tab in the recent window

·        Now, you can click on “view certificate” button at the middle of the page

·        Another window will open that shows you the issued EV-SSL certification

·        If you check HPE certificates, you can see the additional identifiers

If you take the identifiers and match them with those on the list, you can see the name of the certificate issuer. These identifiers are hard codes on your web browser. Thus, it is not that you can add or remove them.

 The comparison between EV and SSL certificate

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificate encrypts information, which are handover online. It protects data from hackers or phishers who are trying to achieve them. EV-SSL raises the bar on standard SSL validation processes, incorporating some of the highest standards in identity assurances to establish the legitimacy of online entities. The main differences of these certificates are as following:

·        PDF-unlocker.com is an SSL certified website, while the certified website of EV is stystoolsgroup.com.

·        SSL preview padlock icon with website URL, while EV-SSL preview padlock icon and name of organization with website URL.

·        Plain SSL does not help users validate the website’s identity; on the other hand, EV-SSL verifies legal identity and shows that to the user.

·        The obtaining of domain validated SSL is easy and every one can earn it online. However, acquiring an EV Certificate is a more complicated process due to authorities putting applicant websites through severe evaluation procedures.

·        There is no identity check by an individual in the case of plain SSL certification. However, EV-SSL checked by Meticulous Documentation. It is one of the best ways to confirm the authenticity and ownership of the websites. The process known as the extended validation standard, which is a set of guidelines prescribed for CAs.

What is the objective of EV issuance?

The ease and comfort of acquiring SSL is the main reason that phishers and hackers to use these certificates for their online reliability. The objective of the EV issuance process is to enable users to distinguish legitimate websites from invalid sites and building a reliable communication and permanent trust.

The advantages of EV-SSL certificate

·        EV certificate confides the customers or users about transacting in a security environment.

·        Recent versions of browsers enable users identify a genuine website.

·        Rolling a mouse over the security status bar will also reveal detailed information about the company operating the website.

·        With an EV-SSL certificate your customers can find your identity whether online or offline.



Now you got a brief idea about EV-SSL and SSL certificate and the benefits of EV. Increasing the security and protection of information at highest levels is the most important goal of obtaining these certificates.


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