Letter: Congress needs to solve the problem of surprise billing

With so many Utah families struggling financially and America’s health care system already under extraordinary strain since of the COVID-19 crisis, it would be reckless for Congress to give a handout to insurance companies. But that’s exactly what’s happening and families across the country are receiving surprise bills that threaten their life-savings, retirement, college funds and even homes.

If insurance companies get Congress to pass “rate-setting” legislation, these costs will continue to be passed along to patients, who are already paying expensive monthly premiums and co-pays for care.

Congress can take patients out of the middle by passing independent dispute resolution. Independent dispute resolution is a bipartisan supported proposal that uses a neutral third party to determine the fair-market value for medical treatment in billing disputes.

Sen. Romney and Sen. Lee, Congress needs to focus on solving the problem of surprise medical billing once and for all by adopting dispute resolution policies that keep billing between insurers and providers.

Candice Norton




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