Low, Even For Them


Mourning Ginsburg. Reuters photo

As the America with a brain, heart and moral compass mourn the devastating loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her ideals, the thugs running this dumpster fire of a government are feverishly betraying everything she long stood and fought for. Having spent the last four years “strenuously making the case that, excepting a few dictators here and there, he’s the worst person on earth,” Trump is now ensuring “voters know that he’s truly an invasive tumor” by insisting before her body was cold that he’ll try to fill Ginsburg’s Supreme Court seat despite Moscow Mitch and the GOP’s utterly shameless hypocrisy on the subject and the honorable RBG’s own dying, fervent wish, “I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” It’s all good, he told Fox on Monday, because probs RBG didn’t actually say or want that – it’s just another hoaxy plot by those pesky agitators. “I don’t know that she said that,” Trump said on yet another meandering call to some of his only friends left in the world. “Okay, you know, that came out of the wind and sounds so beautiful, but that sounds like a Schumer deal, or maybe a Pelosi or Shifty Schiff. So that came out of the wind, let’s say.” While we’re at it, let’s also say you’re a plague on humanity, shall we? Adam Schiff had an impressively measured response to this trash. “This is low. Even for you,” he wrote. “No, I didn’t write Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dying wish to a nation she served so well, and spent her whole life making a more perfect union. But I am going to fight like hell to make it come true.”

Trump’s callousness would be no surprise to Ginsburg; in 2018, he revealed it by crassly declaring of his fave SCOTUS pick – among all his undesirables “ratfucking the courts” – he was “saving her for Ginsburg.” That’s Amy Coney Barrett, an extremist, anti-choice, Catholic “Manchurian candidate groomed for this moment” by the Federalist Society who belongs to the cult-like People of Praise, where members swear loyalty oaths and are tied to personal advisers – for women, “handmaidens.” The specter of Barrett confirms all our worst fears, already reflected in the odious right-wing responses to Ginsburg’s death – “SHE SLAUGHTERED BABIES” – mumblingly echoed by Trump and assiduously documented by Media Matters, which watches the jabbering cretins on Fox News so we don’t have to. Tucker Carlson, twice, echoed Trump on not believing RBG’s final wish: “That’s a pretty limited way to think as you die.” But mostly, Fox’ post-Ginsburg message is: Dems “are bloodthirsty political killers,” we’re in charge, go for it. Joe DiGenova: “We’re entering the big casino…This is what (Trump) was elected to do…If (GOP) senators don’t vote for this, their political careers are over.” Jesse Watters on the need for McConnell to “pull the trigger” as with Kavanaugh: “We’ll see if he can bring it home one more time.” Michael Knowles: “We need to confirm an anti-choice woman just to trigger the libs – it will be very, very funny.” Many were unamused – “There aren’t enough fucks to get us through this administration” – especially once TEAM TRUMP, ever in the sewer, started selling t-shirts shrieking “FILL THAT SEAT!” Ginsburg, of course, had a different message: “Fight for the things you care about.” Clearly, now, we must be ruthless.


Paying tribute to RBG at SCOTUS. Photo by David Connerty-Marin


One of many RBG vigils across the country. Photo by San Francisco Chronicle


D.C. vigil. Photo by David Connerty-Marin


Twitter photo.


From the fabulous documentary RBG. Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures



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